Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does our event include?
Your event block is for 5 hours. An additional hour is available for $250.

Is there a room rental fee?
All weddings will incur a $1000 room rental fee.

Do you have a minimum spend for an event?
On Saturday's during our busy season (June 1st- September 30th) we require that a minimum amount of $8,000 be spent on food (excluding alcohol, House Charge and Tax).

What is Ledgemont's final payment policy?
The guaranteed final count and payment is due 2 weeks before the event and must be a certified check. 

How much is the deposit?
The deposit to book an event with LCC is $2,000 where $1,000 will stand as a facility rental and $1,000 will be applied to final billing.

Is the deposit refundable?
In the event you need to cancel your event agreement before the function is held, your deposit will be returned only if LCC is able to re-book the same date with another event with at least the same number of people that you guaranteed in your contract. In the event LCC is not able to re-book as set forth above, LCC will keep the entire Deposit as liquidated damages.

What is your decoration policy?
LCC does not own any décor for personal usage. Any and all items may be brought in the week before your event. Set up will be done by our event staff.

Can I offer more than 2 Entrée selections to my guests at my reception?
Yes, you can offer a 3rd entrée selection for an additional cost. The cost to offer a 3rd entrée selection is $3.00 per guest. Final guarantee count for each entrée selection must be ordered in advance of the event.

Do you have on-site Ceremonies? How much do you charge?
Yes, LCC has both outside and inside ceremonies. Our outside ceremony is held on our 9th green and the inside ceremony can be held in our Ball Room or a smaller function room depending on the amount of guests. The ceremony fee is $500.

What is included in the Ceremony Fee?
The usage of LCC's facility and/or grounds. We do not own lawn chairs- all rentals must go through LCC.

Are there any additional costs we should know about?
In addition to the required room rental fee & ceremony fee (if applicable), all food and beverage is subject to a 22% house charge and 7% Sales Tax. All non LCC rentals are subject to 22% house charge and 6.25% MA Sales tax. All rental chairs are subject to a set up and break down fee of $0.75 per chair.

Can you accommodate guests with allergies?
Yes, we can certainly accommodate any guest with any type of dietary restrictions. We ask that this is addressed at the time that your final meal counts are needed.

Do you have a Bridal Suite and is there a fee?
LCC has a Bridal Suite available upon request to all Bridal parties. The Bridal suite is included in room rental fee.

Can I bring in my own cake?
Yes, there is no extra charge for cake cutting.

Do you offer children's meals?
Children's meals are available. The choices are chicken fingers with french fries or seasonal vegetable, pasta with red sauce or butter or a grilled cheese with  french fries or seasonal vegetable. The meals are $15 per child.

Do you offer band/ vendor meals?
Yes, $15 for wraps/salads or they can have one of the Entrée choices at your event at the price of the Entrée. (Check with your Vendors contract)

Do you host more than one wedding at a time?
No, at Ledgemont we only host one Wedding or Special Event at a time. We want to be sure that our focus is on you and your guests throughout your event.

Do you offer Wedding packages?
We do not offer Wedding packages. At LCC we take a personal approach, so each wedding is customized exactly to your liking.

Do you have tastings available for Bride and Groom?
A complimentary tasting is available to Bride and Groom scheduled at LCC's discretion. Each additional person to join will be $45 per person.

How many people does your Venue hold?
We have 180 of our chairs in house available for events. We can fit up to 240-250 in our Ball Room with rented chairs.

What type of Linens do you have?
Our Ivory linens with Ivory napkins are included in the rental fee. We do have limited other colors available. All linen rentals must go through LCC.

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